Why do projects fail? Why does it happen time and again that projects are not completed on time, within budget and don’t meet the desired outcome?

The reasons are more than likely to be diverse and individual to the particular project. From our experience, a project does not usually fail due to a lack of technical or business expertise from members of project teams. It is much more likely that a project’s success or failure will be determined by the type of methodology that is used during the implementation, testing and roll out phases of a project.

Managing the chosen project methodology approach effectively determines project success or failure. To this aim, it is not sufficient to merely rely on a single methodology like project management. A holistic approach is required that ensures an optimal selection and implementation of the appropriate project approach, requirements and migration management as well as test and roll out management.

Firstwaters places a great deal of importance in training all of its consultants on project methodology. Prior to embarking on new client projects, careful consideration of the correct methodology and its design is especially important. To this end, we work collectively with our customers to ascertain how their project specific requirements and circumstances can be best applied and implemented using the chosen methodology.