Requirements Management

Requirements management is an integral part of any project and should be treated as such. It is a real challenge to detect and identify requirements out of an unclear setting, let alone to then structure, evaluate and to organize them. Requirements management can be multifaceted: they are important on different levels of abstraction and impact both functional and non-functional attributes of the system or process to be built.

Firstwaters has been specifying processes, software and IT systems for the past fifteen years. We consult you on the redesign of your business processes, support you with their implementation and roll them out successfully for you.

Our competency lies in the meticulous evaluation of requirements for IT systems in trading, the middle- and back office, their implementation and finally, in their successful integration into existing IT landscapes.

Our services in Requirements Management include (extract):

  • Taking on, prioritizing and dealing with requirements
  • Defining the change process
  • Cost / time estimations
  • Risk evaluation
  • System and product planning