Roll Out Management

A project, be it organizational or IT-driven, can only be considered successful when it has been adopted by the client.

Prior to going live, IT software needs to be thoroughly tested and new process scenarios simulated. The roll out phase lies between the adoption and the roll-out. At this stage, meticulous planning and correct procedures need to be followed but are often neglected, causing large project investments to fall flat. Important aspects of the roll-out management are piloting and training, end user monitoring and establishing a point of contact to answer questions and provide the support for the intense first days after the roll-out.

The planning and execution of the roll-out phase can be almost considered a project on its own; it is that important for the success of a project.

Our roll-out management supports and ensures the success of a project and we are proud of our track record to prove its effectivity. We pair our functional and technical expertise with solid communication in every document and in every meeting to ensure a successful roll-out project. We know how to put ourselves into the perspective of all participants and adapt the means and depth of communication accordingly.

Our services in roll-out management include:

  • Planning and execution of pilot projects
  • Design, planning and execution of roll-out projects
  • Coordination of the roll-out
  • Seminars and workshops