Test Management

There is increasing pressure to stay competitive. Not only is there a trend towards shorter release cycles in software development, but industrial and financial companies alike are constantly racing to be the first to launch a new product. At the same time, more and more regulatory requirements are being introduced which puts companies under additional pressure. Requirements need to be met fast, with an eye for detecting erroneous concepts as early as possible to prevent software failures in the production environment.

This contrast between speed of innovation and maintaining quality standards within IT infrastructures is imposing tremendous challenges on test management.

It becomes critical to be able to detect potential errors in the software through efficient testing as well as to scrutinize all results at an early stage by applying the appropriate methodologies.

We assist you during every stage in the test management process – from test planning and design to test definition and its implementation in all functional and technical areas. We are proud of the expertise in test management we have and that it has already helped numerous clients to bring their project to success. With professional organization, risk analysis and reporting we ensure that your project succeeds also - under the time and budget restraints and with the high quality you expect.

Our services in Test Management include (extract):

  • Concepts for an effective and systematic testing process and for test management
  • Compilation of test plans and run books for the test execuction
  • Coordination of the test environment set-up
  • Preparation and execution of tests (integration testing, acceptance testing etc.)
  • Test management and documentation using standardized tools (HP Quality Center etc.)
  • Support for roll-outs and migrations